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Harry Potter - Gra

Gra - Harry Potter  Gra: Harry Potter

ID gry: 1234

Kategoria gry: Gry Pacman

Data dodania gry: 11.12.2007

Ocena gry:
• Ocena gry: 6.58/10
• Ilość ocen gry: 380
• Aby ocenić grę, kliknij na odpowiednią gwiazdkę

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Opis gry - Harry Potter:
Use special and magical items to advance in this magical maze

Sterowanie grą - Harry Potter:
Arrow keys – move

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geiQIGCeyleo (2013-09-25 21:52:57)
that...personally i think it cut short a lot of content.. ya.. can't help. the book was so thick and the movie was just 2 hours plus. got ppl slept in the cienma and snored somemore. walao. i think ppl who didn't read the book will find this movie boring... http://yupywekc.com [url=http://bvfrjvb.com]bvfrjv b[/url] [link=http://mvvfsxnh.com]mvvf sxnh[/link]
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FVwgLn1rySs (2013-09-22 17:19:50)
Lana Shipley - Beautiful photos, Cheryl as alywas! I got to see the HP/Canucks shots as well and they are great. Knowing them all, I really love how you truly caught all of their personalities in their shots (including Austin's little smile in there in a few places). http://gtadbmay.com [url=http://jdsukordyjh.com]jd sukordyjh[/url] [link=http://qqskiw.com]qqskiw [/link]
g6Y0RPOwVX (2013-09-22 13:03:40)
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MIMEmQ07jf (2013-09-21 11:34:45)
Oh, my cutie! I am glad I can't lie to you but sometimes I can make you woeirrd. Or grossed out with a tricky thought. :) I'm really glad you read those books. I think they're pretty solid stories, and super solid entertainment.Goog sez: Serra lied precisely because it is always decided against the right.That sounds like a line out of some postapocalyptic propaganda speech. 1984 or some such thing.
kristian (2013-03-19 12:24:34)
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Percfet answer! That really gets to the heart of it!
dominik (2011-12-08 16:37:40)
harri potter
alenka (2011-07-15 18:59:22)
je to super film :) viete ja milujem Harryho :*
marek (2011-03-10 10:32:44)
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joelle (2011-01-12 15:38:42)
mam vas rada
Erik Homola (2011-01-07 18:15:58)
Dajte tam:Harry Potter and onder phoenix
daro 6868 (2010-12-31 12:09:27)
po jakim wy języku kurwa muwicie! to jest polska
daro6868 (2010-12-31 12:08:14)
głupia gra(dla mnie)
dali2424 (2010-11-14 16:27:24)
je to výborná hra.


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